Top 50 InformationWeek Covers Poll

Art Director Mary Ellen Forte presents her picks for the top 50 InformationWeek magazine covers, which illustrate how technology has changed the way we do business over the last 23 years. See her choices and vote for your all-time favorite.
Reviewing 23 years of InformationWeek covers made me realize just how much technology has changed our lives and the way we work.

When I started out, illustrations were done by hand, photographs were taken with film, and magazine pages and covers were produced by pasting copy onto boards that were then flown to the printing plant -- a far cry from today’s electronic graphics and instantaneous transmission. These covers document how great technologies have impacted our lives and changed the way we do business.

I’ve selected what in my opinion are the 50 most visually interesting InformationWeek covers. Some were chosen for their innovative photography, others for creative illustrations or unique concepts.

The "What A Week" cover (Aug. 18, 2003), featuring the massive East Coast power failure, holds a special memory: Our office lost power midafternoon on Thursday, halting production of the magazine. When power was restored the next morning, we quickly designed a new cover and reported on the events of the previous day, making our deadline with time to spare.

What’s your favorite InformationWeek cover? How about "ERP Gets A Complete Makeover" (July 24, 2006), which featured our lipsticked pig, or perhaps the Alan Greenspan caricature (March 19, 2001), or maybe our high-tech bird escaping from his wired cage in the "Still Wired" cover (May 26, 2008)?

Let us know by casting a vote for your favorite image here.

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