Top 60 Little-Known Technology Web Sites

Our guide to great blogs and Web sites worth adding to your bookmarks. The selection ranges from obvious picks like Technabob and Search Engine Watch to more obscure destinations such as Location One, istartedsomething, and GottaBeMobile.
Miscellaneous Tech Blogs

58. Chip Chick
Here's an unusual spin on a technology blog: gadgets presented from a woman's perspective. Chip Chick likes to think of itself as a pioneer in the blogosphere for becoming one of the first (back in 2004) to focus on technology for women. While the gadgets presented in the blog posts make functionality a priority, style and fashion are always a factor. As an example, the Web site is divided into several sections: accessories and cases, cell phones, laptops, video games, and media players. Then there's the fashion and jewelry section, which is not exactly common in other tech blogs.

Chip Chick is an intelligent blog that puts a fun and quirky spin on technology. It's not ditzy, overly feminine, or strictly dedicated to everything pink. There's a fair amount of effort on the site dedicated to reviews and installation/setup tips. One funky feature is the translation button for viewing blog content in other languages.

Blogger and Web developer Jason Kottke believes that "when people talk about solving problems with technology, what they're usually talking about is solving problems with design." This is the basis for the wide range of topics Kottke covers on his blog from web development, Apple, architecture, usability, independent films, science, art, economics, sociology, and more. He doesn't write much himself, but gives descriptive, enticing teasers and links to sites few of us have time to find on our own, and wouldn't know where to look for if we did.

60. James McGovern's Blogaa
James McGovern gives voice to the IT architect. There are a few others, like Microsoft's Nick Malik, but McGovern hits a great mix of informed opinion, consistent posting, the right links, and brevity. A working IT architect and an open source advocate, he speaks to the day-to-day problems of IT management, like this:

In the same sense that developers nowadays have gotten more productive through their tools, this unfortunately hasn't occurred in the project management space. Formal management and tracking methods along with their tools are viewed as too costly, too time-consuming, too cryptic or too hard to learn. For enterprises that have listened to their Indian outsourcing friends by embarking on heavy process-orientation activities such as CMMI, architects and developers for the most part are only slightly inconvenienced by it, while project managers feel the full force of the weight.

McGovern's images might leave you puzzled at times, wondering what a SpongeBob photo has to do with enterprise architecture. Hey, lighten up and enjoy the read.

Marc Andreessen needs no introduction, but his Pmarca blog is new enough that not everyone knows about it. Launched in mid 2007, is a roller coaster ride of opinion on the Web, technology, business, and current events. Andreessen writes with authority on two areas in particular: technology startups and social networking. (His latest venture is social networking site Andreessen's Guide to Career Planning and Guide to Startups ooze with been-there, done-that advice.

62. Martin Schwimmer's Trademark Blog
If branding and trademarks are something you care about, Martin Schwimmer's Trademark Blog is an authoritative and fun read. Schwimmer is a lawyer specializing in trademark, copyright, and domain name law, and while not everything he writes about is technology-related, much of it is. Schwimmer's prolific at linking to trademark-related articles elsewhere on the Web. So this is a good one-stop site for staying up to date on trademark issues.

Tech Careers

63. dubs itself as the "largest niche career network," providing job tips, listings and other resources for an array of professionals including those in IT -- which is one of the site's specialties. The site also "powers" and provides links to more than 15,000 geographic and industry specific job-related sites. (In full disclosure, has an alliance with TechWeb/InformationWeek's parent company, CMP Technology, which provides with content. As part of the relationship, also serves as CMP's "exclusive recruitment advertising agency of record."

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