TwitPic Founder Launches Heello

Startup will build products to simplify business communications.

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TwitPic founder Noah Everett recently announced Heello (pronounced Hee-Low), a startup designed to "make communications easier," according to his blog post.

Everett first thought of the ideas prompting his creation of Heello two years ago, he said.

In his blog, Everett outlines the three core prongs of the new company's philosophy. First, Heello -- a play on the typical first word in a conversation -- soon will launch products, many of which were designed to solve the problems Everett encountered when running TwitPic, he said.

"The second is the internal tools and systems we are building to run Heello, which includes everything from our customer support/human resource tools to our technology platform," said Everett. "We hope to offer these tools and platforms to help you run your own business as well."

Lastly, Heello will include a non-profit wing that gives back to the community and the world, he said.

"I'm here with Heello for the long haul," said Everett. "The goal of Heello is not an exit strategy of being bought out, but to build a lasting company that solves real problems -- From communication issues to human needs."

Everett is perhaps best-known for TwitPic, the company he founded in February 2008 and continues to spearhead. TwitPic, which has about 6.5 million registered users, allows people to share photographs on Twitter in real time.

In 2009, TwitPic generated revenue of $1.5 million and Everett turned down an acquisition offer of more than $10 million for the company, according to Mixergy. Originally, Everett designed the site as a way for a few friends to share photographs but it soon expanded beyond his circle of acquaintances.

Perhaps one of the most famous TwitPic photos is that of the US Airways Flight 1549, the so-called Miracle on the Hudson plane of Jan. 15, 2009, which a user shared with the world via his cell phone TwitPic.