Vanguard Rolls Out Dossia PHRs To Employees

The hospital operator plans to offer Dossia Web-based personal health records to all 23,000 of its employees by year end.
So far, Vanguard employees have had an "enthusiastic response" to the offer of these Dossia-PHR-enabled concierge services, which ultimately aim to help provide better quality of care to patients, Perkins said.

The Vanguard concierge infrastructure that's being built now will provide Vanguard employees and patients with "high touch, trusted solutions" supported by the Dossia PHR, Perkins said.

The Vanguard concierge infrastructure will include teams who'll work with Vanguard patients and employees in the four large regions where Vanguard has healthcare facilities and hospitals -- San Antonio, Phoenix, Chicago, and Boston.

With patients' consent, those concierge staffs could, for example, access individuals' Dossia PHR to help explain to patients a hospital's discharge summary and follow-up care instructions.

The concierge services being developed by Vanguard for its Dossia PHR users are the sorts of perks some other Dossia member companies are interested in offering to their employees, said Evans.

"Healthcare is confusing," said Evans. "The concierge service puts a high value on establishing an initial dialogue with patients" to understand their health needs and concerns, he said. "Vanguard is leading the way."

While Vanguard rolls out Dossia PHRs to its employees and hones its related concierge services, other Dossia consortium members are also getting ready to roll out the PHRs to its employees in a large scale this year, said Evans.

That includes about three companies, including AT&T, planning to roll out Dossia PHRs en-mass during the first quarter, he said.

Nonprofit organization Dossia was launched in December 2006 by Wal-Mart, Intel, and several other large employers for the creation of a secure, Web-based infrastructure to provide patient-controlled, electronic PHRs to millions of workers, retirees, and their dependents.

In addition to those other companies, the Dossia consortium's other member employers include Applied Materials, BP America, Cardinal Health, Pitney Bowes, Abraxis BioScience, and sanofi-aventis.