Verizon Adds Business Calling Plans

The carrier is targeting small businesses with wireless calling plans that offer unlimited mobile-to-mobile calls, free technical support, and online management tools.
Verizon Wireless is looking to give small and midsize businesses a boost by introducing a new set of wireless plans that are focused on cost savings.

Starting May 17, eligible businesses can sign up for a $69.99 shared plan that includes 700 anytime minutes and unlimited mobile-to-mobile calls with any of Verizon's 80 million customers. Users who select a plan with more than 1,400 minutes will also be able to choose 10 numbers that won't count against the monthly allotment of minutes.

"The new Nationwide Small Business SharePlan will offer customers the best value in wireless for small businesses," said Michael Ross, director for Verizon Wireless, in a statement. "Small-business customers will have more control over their wireless dollars plus access to specialized features and services to help support their business goals, all while benefiting from the reliability of the Verizon Wireless network."

Businesses can add additional lines for $9.99 per user, and the plans also come with access to online account management tools, small businesses specialists, and online technical support, Verizon said.

This is just the latest attempt by Verizon to court the small and midsize market. Last year, the company introduced a $4.99 option per enterprise wireless line that allows calls to five wireline numbers without counting against a customer's wireless account.

While the consumer market is vitally important to carriers like Verizon and AT&T, the enterprise market is also a key source of growth. Beyond voice, providing mobile data services for businesses can be a strong revenue stream because the monthly access fee is close to $60 per user.

Small businesses can utilize low-cost and low-risk technologies to squeeze the most out of their IT budgets. InformationWeek looked at five tools that can help mobilize a business without breaking the bank, and the report can be downloaded here (registration required).

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