Verizon Makes 3rd Generation iPad a HotSpot, AT&T Does Not

The available hotspot mode is—for now—a clear difference between the two mobile broadband iPad models. Data plan pricing at the low-end is also a differentiator.

If you're buying one of the new 4G iPads, you should know of an important difference between the AT&T and Verizon versions: Verizon allows you to use your iPad as a WiFi hotspot. AT&T does not.

In our unboxing video for the new iPad last week, you might have heard us mention that we were unboxing an AT&T 4G iPad. The story on iPad announcement day was that neither AT&T nor Verizon were going to allow WiFi hotspot usage on the iPad, but the next day Verizon announced that they would allow it after all.

In the meantime my friend, whose iPad we unboxed for the video, is angrily stuck with his AT&T iPad, which he had personalized so he can't return it.

AT&T has said to many other publications that it is working on hotspot functionality for the new iPad, but it is not available yet.

Another thing to consider if you're still shopping is the difference in the data plans between AT&T and Verizon, especially at the low-end.

250MB$14.99 (Overage $14.99/250MB)N/A
1GBN/A$20 (pre-paid plan only; Overage N/A)
2GBN/A$30 (Overage $10/1GB)
3GB$30 (Overage $10/1GB)N/A
5GB$50 (Overage $10/1GB)$50 (Overage $10/1GB)
10GBN/A$80 (Overage $10/1GB)

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