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Vidyo, Adobe To Demo Telepresence Plug-In

The plug-in will allow users to launch telepresence-quality Vidyo conferencing within an Adobe Connect session.
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Vidyo and Adobe are preparing a plug-in that is capable of launching telepresence-quality Vidyo conferencing within an Adobe Connect session. A demo of the collaborative plug-in will be presented by both firms at the annual 2010 Educause Conference in Anaheim October 13-15.

Vidyo's inexpensive telepresence use of the H.264 SVC standard has propelled its service over the Internet. The demo of the latest collaboration will show the integration of Adobe's "instant access" intuitive software with Vidyo's multiparty video communications application.

"This is a new collaboration -- not yet a product -- but heading in that direction," said a spokesperson for Vidyo of a potentially potent Vidyo-Adobe partnership.

Vidyo has made a fast and successful invasion into the education market, gaining acceptance in learning centers, universities and among K-12 educations because of its low-cost while Adobe Connect is a well-established suite of web conferencing software that allows users to share presentations from their desktops.

"With a single click, our two award-winning products can be easily integrated to provide learning institutions and training centers with a powerful new collaboration tool," said Guillaume Privat, director of product management at Adobe Connect, in a statement. "We look forward to our continued partnership with Vidyo."

The phenomenon of consumer videoconferencing has undergone a rapid hockey stick take-off in recent weeks and months often led by Vidyo, but also attracting advanced teleconferencing players, too. Cisco and Logitech, for instance, have announced major forays into the market in recent days. Market researchers have suggested the boom in tablet computers will continue to fuel consumer videoconferencing and telepresence activities.

Vidyo maintains it has a time-to-market advantage because of its H.264/Scalable Video Coding, which delivers top error resilience and low latency videoconferencing over the Internet.

"Working with established leaders such as Adobe, allows Vidyo to offer innovative, integrated solutions," said Amnon Gavish, senior vice president of vertical solutions at Vidyo.


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