Webplan Drives Supply Chain Performance to Next Level

Operational performance application links demand and supply chain planning.
LiveScorecard is the performance improvement application that allows management to compare plans and score them for continuous measuring and monitoring. This goals-driven solution is critical for an application that spans across organizational areas and requires department managers to buy into mutual targets. Such a solution helps break down cultural and political boundaries.

After reviewing the applications, Ventana Research finds Webplan RapidResponse to be intuitive and suitable for business users of varying sophistication who address critical supply chain and operational planning. A call to a Webplan customer — one of the largest high-tech manufacturers — confirmed that the application can drive significant value in an organization. It exceeded this customer’s expectations on efficiency and effectiveness improvements, increased responsiveness, and reduced costs.

Market Impact

Webplan is one of the providers whose solutions operate across the disparate SCM, WMS, ERP, and CRM systems within an enterprise to provide an operational performance improvement application that has strategic value. Larger application providers like I2, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and SAP that have applications in this area focus on simply providing information on top of their transactional automation applications. This falls short of the goal of the heterogeneous application and data environment and the need to leverage existing financial and application investments. Unfortunately, the application providers’ data warehouse and BI platforms require significant resources to provide an operational performance application.

Webplan has many areas where it can continue to expand its application functionality for monitoring and collaborative workflow-based activity tracking. Organizations that need tight coupling into their transactional systems will need to prepare their own data integration points under RapidResponse.


Organizations that want to meet demand and respond to planned and unexpected events should look at operational performance improvement applications that can link historical performance, planning cycles, and execution that can be measured and monitored. Ventana Research sees Webplan and its RapidResponse as reducing a significant gap in operational performance by replacing email and spreadsheets that cannot efficiently manage to execution. If you want to improve your manufacturing process and link the demand and supply chain with suppliers efficiently in an informational and analytic perspective, consider Webplan.

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Joao-Pierre S. Ruth, Senior Writer