Windows 7 Scores Enterprise Wins

Vista was a bust with businesses, but early signs indicate Microsoft's newest OS may have better luck in the corporate market.
Windows Vista was widely shunned by businesses, but there are indications that its successor, Windows 7 will fare better in commercial environments.

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Microsoft noted this week, for instance, that numerous businesses are moving from to Windows 7 as they update their client systems.

The account wins for Windows 7 include Bergen County Camera, of Westwood, NJ, Latin American tractor distributor Hidrau Torque, Ames Golf & Country Club in Iowa, and the Gurgaon, India-based Galaxy Hotel.

The wins were noted in a blog post by Windows senior marketing director Erwin Visser.

Galaxy IT director Yogesh Kumar said the hotel upgraded to Windows 7 to take advantage of BitLocker security and what he said was Windows 7's enhanced stability over previous OS's.

"We are seeing efficiency improvements in virtually every facet of our internal operations, from guest registration and check ins, to accounting and IT support, all due to Windows 7" said Kumar, who was quoted in Visser's post.

Microsoft needs Windows 7 to be a hit in the business sector, as well as on consumer devices.

Windows sales were off a whopping 39% in Microsoft's most recently announced quarter. Investors will be watching the company's next report, slated for Jan. 28, to see whether Windows 7 has stopped the hemorrhaging.

Windows' sales slump in recent quarters was due in part to the fact that businesses shied away from Vista en masse. Many corporate IT managers cited concerns about Vista's incompatibility with older applications, intrusive security measures, and heavy horsepower requirements.

With Windows 7, Microsoft has toned down the obnoxious security warnings. The new OS also features XP Mode, which allows apps built for XP to run seamlessly in Windows 7. Windows 7 also carries lighter hardware requirements than Vista in some versions.

Microsoft is hoping it's all enough to convince corporate IT managers to finally move off XP and onto its newest flavor of Windows.

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