Yelp, OpenTable Join Restaurant Reviews With Reservations

Readers of Yelp restaurant reviews can now make reservations through OpenTable without leaving Yelp and use the same email account for both sites.
Under a new partnership, people who read a good restaurant review on Yelp can make a reservation at the eatery through OpenTable, without leaving Yelp.

Yelp, a user-generated review site, announced the deal late Thursday, saying the integration of the sites makes it possible to book a reservation with one mouse click. A person does not have to have an OpenTable account to use the feature.

For those people who have Yelp and OpenTable accounts, and use the same email account on both sites, will automatically receive credit to their OpenTable account, Yelp said.

OpenTable users get Dining Reward Points for making reservations. When people earn 2,000 points, they can redeem them for a $20 credit at any restaurant on OpenTable. Gathering 5,000 points earns a $50 credit, and 10,000 points, $100.

Restaurants account for 29% of the reviewed businesses on Yelp, according to the site. The latest integration stemmed from user requests for the feature.

While striking partnerships with third-party service providers, Yelp has also been moving aggressively into the mobile market. The site has applications for the Apple iPhone, Research in Motion BlackBerry, the Palm Pre and smartphones based on Google's Android operating system.

Yelp recently published its 11 millionth review and claims to have had 32 million unique visitors in May.

However, the site has been criticized by businesses who claim they have been treated unfairly by the site and its users. As a result, Yelp recently launched a feature that lets businesses and others respond to critiques.

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