10 Best Android Apps Of 2013

From a slick password manager to a top-notch image editor, these standout Android apps will improve your mobile life.
With more people toting Android tablets, their potential as remote access devices grows, as well. Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop
The Google Play Store abounds with free password managers that encrypt and safeguard sensitive personal information, but Dash
You're probably familiar with Evernote and Microsoft OneNote -- both great note-taking apps -- but the lesser-known Google Ke
Not a fan of the default Gmail app? You're not alone. The free Boomerang is a great alternative. With its clean design and co
Open Whisper Systems has a duo of privacy apps that security seekers should try. TextSecure replaces the default SMS/MMS mess
BlackBerry's smartphone business may be swirling southward, but its cross-platform BBM is a bona fide hit. The company announ
This may seem like an odd pick for a top 10 list, but the simplest apps are often the most useful. The free Call Recorder is
Do Androids sleep? If so, do they sleep well?
Google's free Android Device Manager brings Apple's Find My iPhone loss and theft protection to Android devices. After loggin
If you're looking for a mobile photo editor that does it all, it's hard to top PicsArt Photo Studio, a popular Android app wi

First, the disclaimer: We acknowledge the inherent lunacy of hand picking the 10 best apps from a field of 1 million and counting. Even when you subtract the obvious duds -- wallpaper, jokes, and farting apps need not apply -- you're left with a pretty sizable number of worthy contenders.

Since this is InformationWeek, we tend to veer toward the pragmatic business side of things, but that doesn't mean all our picks are no-nonsense enterprise apps. This year's winners range from the expected to the eclectic, with a few surprises thrown in to keep things interesting. And rather than including top-notch selections from last year's Android top 10 list -- which you should check out, by the way -- we've gone with a fresh batch of apps this year.

Android's dominance of the global mobile market is old news, but that doesn't mean the platform has grown out of its awkward phase. There's no shortage of apps, obviously, but the tablet situation remains messy. Too many apps aren't optimized for slates -- a problem exacerbated by the motley mix of vendors, screen resolutions, and other technical factors that make the Android platform a pain for developers.

InformationWeek contributor Eric Zeman encountered this firsthand when he bought a Google Nexus 7 tablet in June. The tablet version of several apps he installed wouldn't run properly on the new device, forcing him to switch to the less elegant (on a larger display) smartphone versions.

"The tablet app experience is a fundamental problem with Android that has yet to be resolved," Zeman wrote. "Far too many Android apps are simply not designed or optimized for use with tablets."

That's changing, of course, and Android's growing share of the global tablet market is helping matters by making the platform increasingly attractive to developers. Alternatively, continued fragmentation of the Android platform -- a troubling scenario where various incarnations of the mobile OS pop up around the world -- could have the opposite effect.

According to the research firm IDC, Android tablet makers are grabbing marketshare. Samsung's slice of the global tablet pie rose to 20.4% in the third quarter from 12.4% a year earlier. Acer, Asus, and Lenovo also showed significant growth, although their shares remained in the low single digits. Apple had a 29.4% share, and that number may rise with the recent launch of the iPad Air and the second-generation iPad mini.

But never mind the stats for now. Click the image above to start our slideshow of the top 10 Android apps for 2013. Disagree with our picks? Let us know in the comment section below.

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