Aldon Announces Aldon Lifecycle Manager 5.0

Enterprise software configuration and change management solution is available on Linux and UNIX.
Aldon, a provider of enterprise software configuration and change management solutions, announced in February the launch of Aldon Lifecycle Manager 5.0, a solution that automates the development process, facilitates team development and deploys applications across multiple platforms. With the introduction of Aldon Lifecycle Manager 5.0, companies can now choose to run on any platform supporting Linux and AIX, IBM's UNIX operating system.

"Aldon Lifecycle Manager 5.0 marks a milestone in the 25-year history of Aldon because it signifies a notable expansion of our multi-platform support," said Daniel Magid, president and CEO of Aldon. "In addition to providing core enterprise change management functionalities for diverse development teams, Aldon Lifecycle Manager 5.0 gives users more flexibility to optimize their development infrastructure and, in turn, to ensure more satisfied business customers."

Key features of Aldon Lifecycle Manager 5.0 include:

  • Full, multi-tier management of source code, software development artifacts, and application configuration and components
  • Support across all major enterprise development and production platforms
  • Role-based interfaces for engineers, project leads, development managers and senior IT management
  • Configurable multi-phase lifecycle process automation
  • Sophisticated version and release management
  • Support for multiple, geographically-distributed development teams

"Managing the artifacts of software development across heterogeneous environments continues to be a key requirement for most enterprises," said Melissa Webster, research director at IDC. "Support for distributed teams -- and for the discrete roles within these teams -- is another vital capability for enterprise-class SCM systems today."