Ambeo Announces Data Usage Tracking Solution for Sybase IQ

News - August 16, 2004
Ambeo, a provider of data usage tracking and performance management software, today announced the availability of the first data usage tracking solution for Sybase IQ. The Ambeo Performance Management suite answers a critical need to ensure greater management and protection of business information.

By monitoring multiple databases and DBMS products simultaneously, Ambeo provides real-time and long-term tracking of database usage for visibility and understanding of who is accessing, viewing and changing company data. As a result, IT management can proactively manage analytical and business intelligence data environments while assuring data privacy and minimizing security risks. "Ambeo's new offering for Sybase IQ adds tremendous value for our customers," said Paul Murphy, director technical services of Sybase. "With both our solutions working together, we deliver sophisticated monitoring and data-access auditing capabilities that capture an unprecedented depth of information." "New threats are emerging virtually every day, so companies are increasingly worried about the privacy and security of their data," explained Ken Richardson, president and chief technology officer of Ambeo. "Adding Ambeo solutions to a Sybase IQ environment enables IT management to understand data usage and to comply with data privacy regulations — all without slowing down their high-speed business analysis and decision support databases."