Automating the State of Kansas Legislature

Next generation bill drafting application is to be built with the help of XMaLpha Technologies.
XMaLpha Technologies has been awarded a contract to provide consulting services, project management, training, and implementation expertise to the Kansas Legislature as part of its Strategic Architecture Project. The company will work with the Kansas Legislative IT team to design and implement their next generation bill drafting application and other law making applications in support of the State of Kansas Legislative Information Systems Strategic Plan.

Commenting on the announcement, Devan Shepherd, CEO and Chief Technical Officer of XMaLpha, stated, "We are very pleased by this appointment and are ideally suited to perform the tasks required by the State of Kansas, having worked extensively on systems analyses and implementations in other state legislatures."

Based on its experience in similar environments, and its knowledge of the unique operations characterized by legislatures, XMaLpha will offer general consulting, assist with the construction of XML models, provide knowledge transfer, and help the State of Kansas Team to design the tools required for automation of the processes involved in creating bills, codifying laws, revising statutes, and publishing legislative documents.

Consultants at XMaLpha will assist the in-house team of professionals analyze, design and document existing and anticipated new law making procedures. While each legislature is unique, the experience that XMaLpha has gained in similar legislative bodies has helped it to develop a highly customizable, but proprietary, approach to working with complex legislative documents and processes. At XMaLpha, the focus is on analysis of the existing technologies and application infrastructures, creation of new architecture designs, and the application of consistent, affordable, and effective standards-based XML technologies in the legislative environment.