BPM Beyond IT

My note to you this week focu
Everyone defines categories of technology differently -- from vendors and analysts to journalists and users. Here at Business Intelligence Pipeline, we consider business process management (BPM), if not a subset of BI, then at least a very close cousin. The automation of business processes inherently involves data aggregation, analysis and reporting. That's the reason we bring tips and news on BPM along with more traditional analysis, data warehousing and the like.

My note to you this week focuses on a story we're running on BPM deployments and helpful steps that go beyond BPM tools themselves. Think of it as a how-to on BPM -- beyond IT and the software. That article, by Lori MacVittie of Intelligent Enterprise, explains that a good BPM deployment "not only involves the IT organization, but it also empowers business analysts to define, manage, analyze and optimize their processes."So what are the keys to successful business process management? Try these for starters:

- Start with visible, business-driven projects -- and get managerial support. - Choose projects with high potential cost-savings. That usually means starting with whatever process is the most badly broken. - Deeply involve process managers and their expertise in the design of your BPM workflows.

And that's just the beginning. You can read the rest -- and there's a lot of it -- in the full story.

And if you haven't seen it yet, check out one of the most popular stories on our site this month, a full review of nine BPM suites just tested by our sister publication Network Computing.

Now on to BI news: Chief among breaking items in the last week was Business Objects' launch of its main BI platform on Linux, just the latest in a string of announcements from packaged business intelligence vendors that are working to make their products work with open source. We also have a cool case study on, and how it was forced to begin tapping data from a central data warehouse, rather than relying on reporting from individual applications.

And, as always, there's much more. Check out all the newest and latest with us at Business Intelligence Pipeline.