Federal Express Takes BI Seriously

Well-established integration and information management provides foundation for BI.
Ventana QuickTake™

This week we heard from Rob Carter, EVP and CIO of Federal Express, whose BI strategy is core to the company’s business success. FedEx, one of the largest services companies in the world, has built one of the most highly automated IT operations. In their world-wide operations they utilize service quality indicators to manage performance throughout the entire organization. In addition, they empower customer-facing operations to ensure information is timely. Built on a data-based architecture utilizing Teradata and an event-based architecture utilizing TIBCO, it has constructed a foundation of downstream systems for BI including Actuate and others. Through an information hub, it has made operations very effective by focusing on customer-to-package level profitability. Organizations looking to build a BI initiative that can enable process and performance improvement, compliance, and profitability management like FedEx should get IT to make information for business their highest priority.