Hyperion Essbase 7X Now Available on 64-bit Itanium Architecture

Combination aims to deliver unparalleled scalability and performance on HP Integrity servers.
Business Performance Management software provider Hyperion has announced that its Hyperion Business Intelligence Platform -- specifically its advanced analytics and production reporting capabilities -- is available on 64-bit Intel Itanium 2-based HP Integrity server platforms running HP-UX 11i and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 operating environments. Intel’s Itanium 2 architecture delivers four billion times the addressable capacity of 32-bit processing, which Hyperion says translates into unmatched scalability and performance, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and a secure investment as scalability requirements increase over time.

“Business Intelligence applications, which are memory intensive and engineered to take advantage of 64-bit CPUs, should significantly benefit from enhanced performance available for 64-bit Itanium and its improved memory addressability,” said Bill Hostmann, vice president for Gartner.

The processing muscle enabled by 64-bit Itanium within HP Integrity servers means even more users can handle increasingly large data volumes and create even more complex and numerous analytical applications -- going deeper into data and across the enterprise with no compromise to performance or end-user functionality.

“Hyperion Essbase 7X on 64-bit Itanium-based HP Integrity servers delivers the performance and scalability companies require to deploy a single, corporate-wide BI standard that delivers unprecedented visibility, alignment and agility across the business,” said Rich Clayton, vice president of product marketing for Hyperion. “Because we recognize our customers’ needs for such speed and reliability, Hyperion will continue to ensure that our Business Intelligence technology supports 64-bit architecture.”

A key component of the Hyperion Business Intelligence Platform, Hyperion Essbase 7X provides companies with a single infrastructure for all their analytics needs. Customers can conduct traditional financial analysis and also non-financial, operational analysis for marketing, sales, human resources, the supply chain and other parts of the business all from one product.

“With Hyperion now enabling its core Business Intelligence products to run on HP’s 64-bit Itanium architecture on our HP Integrity server family, customers will see tangible improvements in performance and scalability,” said Don Jenkins, vice president of marketing, Business Critical Servers, HP. “HP looks forward to seeing this solution benefit our customers, helping them achieve greater insight into their business.”

The 64-bit Itanium architecture is also available for production reporting through Hyperion Performance Suite, which generates and manages high-volume, presentation-quality reports, from simple trend summaries to mission-critical reports.

“The Intel Itanium 2 processor delivers Intel’s highest performance and mainframe-class reliability for the most demanding and business-critical solutions, from database to business intelligence and performance management applications, to enterprise resource planning,” said Gregory Symon, global director of software solutions, Customer Solutions Group, Intel Corporation. “We are pleased to see a recognized leader in Business Performance Management leveraging the power of the Itanium platform to improve performance for their customers.”