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Hyperion Puts Speed Into Analytics Engine

Essbase 7X boasts calculation speeds from between ten and 100 times faster than previous releases of the analytics engine.
Hyperion introduced the latest version of its data analysis engine, which the company said features dramatically faster calculation response times than previous versions of the product.

The key innovation behind Essbase 7X is Aggregate Storage, which boosts calculation speeds to between ten and 100 times faster than previous releases of Essbase. Hyperion said plans to make version 7X available on Intel's Itanium 64-bit architecture will improve processing times further, though the business intelligence vendor provided no timeframe for that rollout.

Another feature of Essbase 7X is an adapter technology for accessing SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW) data sources. Called Data Integration Connector, the technology allows users to get snapshots of their SAP BW information for ad-hoc reporting and more advanced analytics.

The new Essbase also features the Visual Explorer, an improved "drag-and-drop" interface designed to be readily intuitive to novice users. Hyperion touted the innovation as a "visual spreadsheet" for querying and navigating online analytical processing data.

As with the last version of Essbase, the new release will run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Hyperion debuted Essbase 7X an ongoing conference in Paris.

Separately, Hyperion launched an analytic tool designed to help businesses gauge the profitability of customers, products, regions and channels. Profitability Management features reports, dashboards and analytics capabilities that show product margin contributions, customer purchasing behavior, customer-acquisition costs and the potential profitability of prospects.