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Kalido Integrates Data Tools With Business Objects

The data warehouse vendor hopes to produce a platform that ensures data consistency while simultaneously operating in tandem with Business Objects' BI tools.
Kalido, a specialty data warehouse maker, introduced a new version of its information management system that's designed to integrate with business intelligence tools from Business Objects.

It's hoped the partnership will result in a more well-rounded corporate performance management platform that uses Kalido capabilities to enable data management, in addition to giving users access to reporting, query and analysis functionality from Business Objects.

Kalido's data warehouses are designed to help companies overcome problems caused by inconsistent and inaccurate references to business information. Kalido 8 Release 2, which debuts this week, enables "master data management" -- the use of common definitions for business information. Such master data definitions are stored within a Web-based repository that's used for corporate performance reporting and analysis.

Kalido defines "master data" as information on customers, brands, suppliers and financials that companies analyze in order to judge their business performance. Such data is often spread out within organizations in multiple operational systems that use different codes and coding structures.

Kalido was once a unit of Royal Dutch Shell, which developed the data warehouse technology to help it manage data from among its far-flung international operations.