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Letters: Pod Revolution; Performance Measurement

Seth Grimes contends that Joshua Greenbaum claims "The Revolution Will Not Be Podcast." That's a catchy phrase, but it's also demonstrably dead wrong.

Pod Revolution

Joshua Greenbaum claims "The Revolution Will Not Be Podcast" (June 2006). That's a catchy phrase, but it's also demonstrably dead wrong.

Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution was impelled by anti-Shah messages recorded by the exiled Ayatollah Khomeini and smuggled into Iran on cassette tapes. These 1970s proto-podcasts pioneered what has evolved into a network of video, voice and text that serves as a key tool for dispersed terrorist networks such as Al-Qaeda. The New York Times reported in a June 9 article on the death of terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi: "In recent months, his video messages and vivid images of violence have been posted on multiple computer servers to avoid downloading delays, with one version designed for viewing on cell phones."

For would-be real-world revolutionaries, "new media" such as podcasting is only growing in importance.

Seth Grimes
Principal, Alta Plana
[email protected]

SMB Alternative Needed

Organizations require BI solutions that address a wide range of reporting and analysis needs ("Putting Analysis Back in BI"). But OLAP [online analytical processing] may not be a viable option for some small to midsize companies because of cost (IT resources, specialized skill sets) and complexity (setup and maintenance). We need an easier, more cost-effective alternative to OLAP in our BI tool suites--one that delivers dynamic, analytical power via the Web for even broader reach.

Rachel Shortt
McLean, Va.
[email protected]

Performance Measurement

In "Finding the Right Performance Measures for Contact Centers", Richard Snow states, "With so much emphasis placed on improving customer satisfaction, it is surprising that so few centers can produce a customer-focused scorecard."

There are many facets to measuring call center performance. Until call centers focus on "why" they are in business and examine the data points from that perspective, the FCR [first-time call resolution] is simply one statistic in measuring performance. In addition to the FCR, each call center should examine top callers and their issues, as well as examine the free form detail fields for common phrases, words and issues.

Ana Stempel
Ridgefield, Conn.
[email protected]

Setting the Record Straight

In "MDM for Operations and Analytics" , David Waddington writes, "Typical examples of this type of MDM are customer data integration (CDI) systems, such as those from Oracle, Purisma and Siperian, and product information management (PIM) systems, available from IBM (with its DWL technology), i2, Oracle, SAP, Tibco and UDEX."

This is factually incorrect. IBM offers the industry-leading CDI solution called WebSphere Customer Center (formerly known as DWL Customer). The company also offers an industry-leading PIM solution called WebSphere Product Center (formerly known as Trigo).

Manoj Thatte
Ypsilanti, Mich.
[email protected]

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