Pop Quiz: Are BPM Templates The Right Fit?

To find out if your business could benefit from BPM templates, or if it should go the customized route, answer these questions.
Is a business-process-management template the right choice for your business? By answering the following questions, companies can determine whether they'd gain efficiency from templates that can be applied regardless of industry, or if they should pursue a more customized approach.

  • Does your company operate in an environment that exhibits characteristics that aren't specific to its industry?
  • Do your company's business processes involve recurring sets of actions or steps that are consistent across different business settings?
  • Does the BPM vendor you're considering demonstrate an understanding of the relevant business problems, market trends, and issues prevalent within your company's environment?
  • Does the vendor possess specialized expertise or partner with specialists with expertise in the underlying tasks needed to facilitate adaptation of the BPM templates to your unique needs?
  • If the answers to these questions indicate that your company faces a series of recurring deployment challenges, and has a tendency to fine-tune solutions, it may be time to investigate BPM systems that include horizontal-process templates designed to optimize deployment.

    Illustration by Rich Lillash

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