SAS Raises the Bar on Data and Text Mining

Enhancements shipping this fall will improve predictive analytics.
Business intelligence leader SAS has announced that enhancements to its award-winning data mining and text mining software will ship this fall. SAS' integrated data mining and text mining capabilities uncover insights quickly from information contained in structured data as well as unstructured data in large document collections.

Technical and business users alike will benefit from new, easy-to-use graphical reports. Power users and novice users will have access to SAS' streamlined data mart creation, including support for Web mining, Web crawling and blog analysis. SAS data and text mining software enables decision makers to reduce fraud, curb customer attrition and predict risk of a loan default, for example. SAS provides a breadth of enterprise intelligence offerings including data integration, intelligence storage, business intelligence and analytics, which are tightly integrated to deliver seamless deployment of predictive models in order to improve the consistency and accuracy of enterprise intelligence.

SAS' collaborative environment allows users to capitalize on data gathered from a greater number of channels: text, Web paths, market baskets, and time series-related transactions. Statisticians and business analysts use the software to develop predictive models that extract the critical information from all of these diverse data sources. Using the tightly integrated SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform, the mining results can then be plugged into the SAS ETL Server and SAS Enterprise BI Server or other existing data integration or BI reporting systems. More than ever before, SAS makes it easy to deliver valuable business information to users through their preferred channels.

"SAS Enterprise Miner(TM) and SAS Text Miner are worth their weight in gold," said Dr. Patricia Cerrito of the University of Louisville. "They've paid for themselves many times over by highlighting cost and quality issues, leading to valuable improvements in healthcare at Louisville hospitals and worldwide."

SAS Enterprise Miner 5.2 and SAS Text Miner 2.3 provide new statistical and visualization options for uncovering trends and patterns. For example, new interactive graphics enable business analysts to quickly uncover complex relationships. It is now even easier for users to explore mining results using flexible exploratory data analysis capability, allowing the user to spot trends and anomalies to gain insights and fresh ideas. New multi-user grid-computing support reduces the time needed to both build and deploy accurate predictive models.