Short List

Clementine 9.0; BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator XI; Scribe Report Generator; ESRI ArcWeb Services; Demand Solutions Collaborate; Reportive 2005

Clementine 9.0
This data mining workbench now offers explicit integration with Oracle Database 10g. Analysts can use the Clementine interface to build, browse and score models in Oracle 10g using techniques available with Oracle Data Mining, including Naive Bayes, Adaptive Bayes Network and Support Vector Machines, which appear as nodes in the Clementine interface. Clementine supports CRISP-DM, the de facto standard for implementing data mining as a business process. New decision tree algorithms in this version are CHAID (see screen capture at left), Exhaustive CHAID and Quest. This version also lets you build decision trees interactively. Starts at $75,000. SPSS,

BusinessObjects Knowledge Accelerator XI
It's automated hand-holding aimed at increasing user acceptance of BI apps. This Web-based user training software for BusinessObjects XI provides support for one-off questions specifically relevant to each user's role in the company. Can be customized for job-specific scenarios and tasks, using your data, workflow, and look and feel. $150 per person or less. Business Objects,

Scribe Report Generator
Based on graphical programming concepts, Scribe lets users define reports against RDBMS sources by creating an executable graphical flowchart. Can connect reports for cascading drill-down and enforce user-based security. The Enterprise edition allows multiple concurrent connections. $99/user (5 minimum) for enterprise edition, free personal edition. Step Forward Software,

ESRI ArcWeb Services
Significant data sources have been added to ArcWeb Services, including premium imagery from GlobeXplorer, road network data from NAVTEQ, detailed data for Australia from MapData Sciences, and Italian data from ESRI Italia. ArcWeb Services are GIS Web services that give you access to both geographic content and GIS capabilities on demand. Annual price starts at $1,250. ESRI,

Demand Solutions Collaborate
This Web-based addition to the DS One line of forecasting and demand planning applications facilitates collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR). Designed for use with other elements of DS One to help you enact a demand-driven supply network or shorten the supply decision cycle. Demand Management,

Reportive 2005
Tailored to sales and marketing processes, this platform for creating and distributing customized dashboards now gives business users more control in establishing, monitoring and managing communication within and between field sales forces, marketing and corporate departments. Users get messages and performance indicators in familiar Microsoft Office applications or formats. Reportive,