Software Giants Join Specialists In Demand Management 2

Oracle, SAP, and Teradata have launched new products in the last year.

The demand data management segment is changing fast, as seen by the entrance of Oracle, SAP, and Teradata in just the last year, along with the rising capability of software-as-a-service and hosted options. Here's a glimpse of the vendor landscape:

CAS Its CPWerx suite applies demand data to multiple uses, including brand and category management and volume planning and forecasting. Mobile delivery and intuitive dashboards appeal in field-sales management scenarios.

IBM Cognos In a one-off deployment for Bertelsmann's Arvato DVD, CD, and game distribution unit, IBM customized Cognos' merchandise-planning template to handle nightly analysis of point-of-sale data from some 6,000 retailers. Arvato uses demand analysis for faster fulfillment of trendy products.

Information Resources and Nielsen Even as companies tap demand data directly, they still need these two top suppliers of syndicated consumer- and product-trend research to help manufacturers and retailers see broad movement in consumer behavior, and rival brand and product successes.

Oracle It introduced Demand Signal Repository just last year, built on the Oracle database and using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition to power Category Management and Trading Partner Scorecarding apps. It's all part of Oracle's bigger push into industry-tailored apps. Next up: an exception management dashboard.

Relational Solutions POSmart demand signal repository blends low-latency retail data with a manufacturer's ERP and supply chain data. It applies predictive analytics to inventory management. Data warehouse/integration partners include Teradata and IBM.

Retail Solutions Combining analytic tools and a point-of-sale data network, Retail Solutions uses a software-as-a-service approach in aggregating and cleansing point-of-sale data for more than 25 retailers, and has 250-plus suppliers using it for demand management.

SAP Through a partnership inked with Vision Chain last year, SAP helps customers integrate point-of-sale data with ERP transaction data for demand planning and forecasting. It's aimed at supply chain optimization and better retail category management.

Shiloh Technologies It offers tools to help manufacturers integrate and analyze point-of-sale data from Wal-Mart and other major retailers. Software was designed specifically around Wal-Mart's Retail Link.

Teradata Demand Signal Repository, introduced last year, integrates point-of-sale, inventory, market research, customer loyalty, and shipment data. Partnerships with Relational Solutions, Vision Chain, and Shiloh offer data integration and analytic forecasting and planning tools.

TrueDemand Software Its software helps retail account teams assess daily demand data to detect and predict out-of-stocks, create demand forecasts, and correct inaccurate inventory levels. Partners with IBM and Vision Chain.

Vision Chain Its software and hosted services are for integrating, cleansing, normalizing, analyzing, and reporting on high-volume point-of-sale purchase order, shipment, and RFID data from multiple third-party data sources. Partners with Microsoft, MicroStrategy, SAP, Teradata, Tibco Software, and TrueDemand.

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