Stellent Universal Content Management to Provide Norfolk County Citizens with Information Online

Stellent-powered platform provides a scalable solution for Norfolk's escalating content.
The Norfolk County (U.K.) Council has successfully deployed the Stellent Universal Content Management system to manage content on the county's public Web site. The ever-increasing amount of content generated by the council, coupled with residents' overwhelming demand to access information online, required a flexible, scalable and easy-to-use content management solution. Stellent's universal platform enables individual, non-technical content owners within the council to make information readily available online, so the public can access more timely and accurate information.

Putting control into the hands of content owners provides additional benefits. Less staff time is required to upload information, which provides significant cost savings. Additionally, Stellent's universal platform has consolidated all of the council's content into one repository, which requires minimal IT support; the system solely relies on the content owners for information creation and maintenance, and uses a non-technical workflow system for quality assurance and consistency. End users are provided a uniform experience when browsing and downloading information, which is a major factor in improving customer service. An additional benefit for Norfolk County Council is the ability to build new Web sites using the same content repository.

The Web is one of three ways for residents to obtain local information, make inquiries and undertake general administration. Last month, more than 45,000 residents visited Norfolk County Council's Web site, which complements the other channels - six face-to-face Council Information Centres and the Customer Service Centre - used by Norfolk residents to obtain information. To ensure citizens receive the same information regardless of the method by which they contact the council, staff in the Council Information Centres and Customer Service Centre also use the Web site as a key information source.

Louise Metz, corporate Web manager at Norfolk County Council, said, "Stellent's technology is proving to be a robust and scalable solution to our content management needs. The public's increased accessibility to the Internet has enabled us to communicate with residents quickly and effectively.

"End users are not the only ones finding the system easy to use. Content managers simply upload information by dragging and dropping files into a desktop icon, which triggers a real-time approval process. As this approach is so simple and efficient, there was no need for any formal training - which is a huge cost saver."

David Macey, executive vice president of international sales for Stellent, commented, "Having Stellent's universal platform as the basis of Norfolk County Council's content management solution ensures there is great transparency in obtaining, collating, maintaining and delivering content. The flexibility of this approach is beneficial not only because of the pressures exerted from regulatory bodies, but also because of the huge amounts of data organizations continually generate."