Study: Linux Network Security Higher than Other Platforms

Recent SANS report reveals that Red Hat Enterprise Linux Subscribers are less susceptible to critical Internet security holes.
According to a recently published report by the SANS Institute, Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscribers are less susceptible to network security holes than users of other platforms. The report identified the top twenty Internet security vulnerabilities, and of the twenty, only two affected Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscribers. Red Hat has already issued patches for these via Red Hat Network.

"There are many research reports that try to compare the number of vulnerabilities between Linux and other operating systems but none take into account the severity of the issues." said Mark Cox head of the Red Hat security response team. "This report shows there are relatively few critical issues affecting users of Linux-based operating systems. However, we believe even one is unsatisfactory, and our strategy is to rapidly respond to fix these issues whilst innovating new technology to reduce the risk of future issues."

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