What CMIS Will Do for Content Integration

Will unstructured content be the next frontier for BI? There's hope that Content Management Integration Services (CMIS) will do for content what SQL did for databases.
CMIS in the Real World

Because the standard isn't officially ratified, there are few working implementations of the CMIS specification. However, our free, downloadable report, "Silo to Gold Mine: What CMIS Can, and Can't, Do for ECM Integration," provides a rundown on early vendor CMIS offerings and details vendor roadmaps for integrating CMIS with existing and future ECM platforms. In addition, the report includes more detail and charts from our recent InformationWeek Analytics/Intelligent Enterprise Enterprise Content Management survey. To download the report, click here (registration required).

Andrew Conry-Murray is business editor at InformationWeek and Network Computing. He writes about information management and compliance issues. Andrew has been covering information technology for nine years, including security and network and information management.