Windows 10: 5 Reasons It Matters, 5 Key Concerns

The Windows 10 rollout has officially begun. Here are five reasons we're excited about the OS, and a few concerns for its future.
Why It Matters: It's Not Windows 8
Why It Matters: Security Boost
Why It Matters: Cortana
Why It Matters: Microsoft Edge
Why It Matters: Potential For Growth
Key Concern: There Will Be Bugs
Key Concern: PC Numbers Are Shrinking
Key Concern: The Mobile Factor
Key Concern: You'll Use Microsoft Anyway
Key Concern: The Enterprise

After months of development and testing, several preview builds, and global anticipation, Windows 10 has finally arrived.

Microsoft today officially began rolling out its Windows 10 operating system. If you've reserved your upgrade, it won't be long until you can use the new OS.

We've been watching the development of Windows 10 since Microsoft shared the strategy and new features behind the operating system during a media event in January. We've read the developers' blog posts, downloaded the preview builds, and watched the OS take shape.

Microsoft has a lot to prove in Windows 10. Its predecessor, Windows 8, was a disaster among enterprises and consumers alike. In an effort to build an operating system users would appreciate, the company decided to let customers in on the development process.

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The Windows Insider program has enabled users to download preview builds of Windows 10, explore its updates and features, and share their opinions with Microsoft. OS developers took feedback into consideration and altered different aspects of Windows 10 according to customer demands.

Microsoft's final product is a system that blends old and new versions of Windows in an effort to accommodate a modern audience. More than 5 million Insiders have contributed to the system that launched today.

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Windows 10 is reminiscent of the past but makes room for the future. Its desktop brings back the Start menu, which users can customize with preferred apps then use to navigate new features like the Microsoft Edge browser.

The Insider crew is ensuring the compatibility of Windows 10 before Microsoft begins its broader rollout. While you wait for your upgrade notification, take a look at the reasons Windows 10 matters and some concerns we have about its future.

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