Top 10 Google Stories Of 2010

Google may be the company of the decade -- the previous one, if not the next one. As such, its actions are closely scrutinized, and its steps and missteps make news. What started as a search engine is now a company that's shaping our technological future, with initiatives in mobile phones, tablet and netbook computing, telephony, and TV. Unburdened by decades of legacy tech and customer expectations, it's proven more nimble at exploiting new niches than its competitors. From successful forays in

Jake Widman, Contributor

December 13, 2010

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Google is the 800-pound gorilla of the tech world, or at least the biggest kid in the tech bed: when it moves, everyone else reacts. Despite that influence, Google's operating system for mobile phones got off to a slow start -- in the first year that devices were commercially available, the platform garnered less than three percent of the market. In 2010, though, all that changed. As more handsets came on the market from more carriers, and as the number of Android apps grew, adoption rates shot up. Last summer, Google was activating more than 200,000 phones a day and is now up to 300,000 a day -- in other words, iPhone levels. The OS is also being put on new tablets, which will provide some competition for the iPad. Soon we’ll see whether open really always beats closed.


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