10 Mobile Games To Ease Your Commute

As summer draws to a close, we offer 10 recent and upcoming mobile games that will help you ease back into your hectic worklife and face the fourth quarter with a smile.
Fallout Shelter
Gathering Sky
Broken Age: Act 2
Space Marshals
Angry Birds 2
Game Studio Tycoon 2
Card Crawl
Her Story
Disney Magic Kingdoms

Mobile games help us tolerate life's harrowing inconveniences, such as passing the time in long queues at Starbucks, or finding a way to have a little fun in the airport while our flight is delayed yet again. The greatest public service offered by games on our smartphones and tablets is that they help ease our commuting time.

With summer holidays coming to an end, we decided it was a good time to highlight our favorite mobile games released in the past six months. As you return to your daily commute and full workdays, we hope these will make your transition into the fourth quarter a little less painful.

To land on this list, a game had to either be released in the last six months, or have had a major update in that time. Our list is eclectic in styles, types of games, and even business models.

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You'll see "old fashioned" freemium model games, plus a growing number of paid single-player games that resemble the console and PC gaming experience of a few years ago. There are even a couple of games taking advantage of unique smartphone and tablet features in new and genre-busting ways -- including multiplayer options.

Once you've checked out these offerings, let us know which are your favorites in the comments section below. A word of caution: Please don't try these games while driving. And, if you decide to test any of these out while using the restroom, don't blame us if you drop your phone in the toilet.

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