A Bigger Piece Of The Pie For IT

New survey says larger chunks of 2004 budgets will go toward IT to increase revenue.
Fifty executives from mostly financial, manufacturing, service, and communication sectors who are responsible for making software buying decisions expect a bigger piece of their 2004 budgets will go toward IT to increase revenue and drive productivity and operational efficiencies, according to a survey conducted in February by equity firm Merrill Lynch & Co.

IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Mercury Interactive, Computer Associates, and BMC Software were sited as the top five software companies where executives expect to spend their money.

Of those surveyed, 20% said they expect 2004 budgets to rise 5% or more. More than 60% of respondents said 2004 IT budgets will remain flat or increase up to 5%, compared with 2003. However, the report shows that 18% expect their IT budgets will decline, indicating that organizations are still focusing on IT efficiency.

Security, business intelligence, document and content management, application integration, and CRM applications were highlighted in the report as being priorities for this year. The reported notes that 30% of respondents cited ERP as a spending priority, compared with 16% who cited application-performance-management software. A similar survey conducted in December indicated ERP at 20% and application-performance management at 8%. Databases dropped to 14% in the February survey, compared with 22% in December.

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