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A Mothership For USB Flash Drives

Flashpoint USB drives can transfer files to and from other USB memory devices without a computer.
A new line of USB flash-memory devices from Xmultiple, of Simi Valley, CA, called Flashpoint Sharedrives, can transfer files to and from other flash drives and memory devices equipped with a USB connector without requiring a connection to a computer.

Flashpoint drives are are available in 128k, 256k, 512k, 1GB and 2GB sizes. They are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and equipped with both male and female USB connectors.

The Flashpoint drive can be used just like any other USB drive to transfer files to and from computers. When another USB device is connected to the Flashpoint drive buttons on the device control the transfer of the second drive's contents to the Flashpoint drive, and the downloading of files stored in a folder named Share on the Flashpoint drive to the second drive.

The Flashpoint drive can also act as a USB hub, allowing it to be connected to a computer while another flash drive is connected to the Flashpoint device.

According to Xmultiple Flashpoint Sharedrives can be used to transfer data to and from computers, other USB flash drives and storage devices, digital cameras, media players, and cellphones. The company offers a line of accessories including extra batteries and chargers. For more informations see the company Web site,