Action Plan For Data Center Consolidation

What to consider before consolidating a data center.
Data center consolidation can deliver a host of benefits, including improved business agility, more-efficient use of resources, and a reduction in power consumption. Here are several things to consider before embarking on a data center consolidation project:

Assess the existing data center environment. It's difficult to articulate valid measures of improvement until the existing environment is clearly defined and understood.

Develop a comprehensive enterprise architecture. Our team defined an end-to-end, flexible architecture that allows us to quickly build and enhance applications that meet each state agency's business needs. Virtualization has been a significant enabler of this agility, in addition to the green benefits of reduced power consumption.

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Set standards and streamline early. Standardizing on hardware and software, defining business processes, and limiting vendors was critical to the success of our data center consolidation project. I encourage CIOs and IT decision makers not to be afraid to make those decisions.

Choose strategic partners carefully. We chose to partner with vendors that had proven expertise in large-scale consolidation projects and with a view to future requirements. The collaboration among vendors and the Oregon team was fundamental to the project's success.

Pay close attention to the human factor. Consolidation projects typically represent significant changes in staffing, so keeping communications lines open is vital. I engaged staff in the process, providing an environment conducive to learning new technical skills and collaborating with other technologists.

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