Anytime Wireless Access To CRM Services is readying wireless access to CRM apps that field staff can use to update customer data in real time. Inc. wants to make its Web-hosted CRM services available to those on the go. Dec. 2, the company is planning to launch Airforce Wireless Edition, a service designed to let people access and edit their customer information in real time.

Since the system can be accessed via a variety of interfaces, including E-mail queries and wireless Web pages, it will work independently of whatever device or operating system is used, the company says. It will be available to Salesforce's Enterprise Edition subscribers free of cost and to Professional Edition subscribers for $195 a year per person.

The software is likely to find a solid niche audience, but most companies don't need instant access to CRM on the road, Aberdeen Group analyst Denis Pombriant says: "If you're in an industry with a long sales cycle, you're probably not going to walk out of a sales meeting and have a desperate need to connect."

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