AOL Gives Online Subscribers Unlimited E-Mail Storage

Company also enables simultaneous multiple sign-ons for dial-up users.
America Online today announced that it will increase the e-mail storage for members of the AOL service to an unlimited capacity, making it the first online service to offer unlimited e-mail storage. "Our members will be able to keep every single message and attachment they ever receive" said AOL EVP Mark Greatrex, adding, "if they wish."

AOL also introduced Multiple Simultaneous Log-Ins, a feature for members with dial-up connections that enables up to seven Screen Names on a single account to sign into the AOL service at the same time, from multiple locations. Previously, this feature was only available to members accessing AOL over a high-speed Internet connection.

Unlimited e-mail storage enhances AOL's messaging features package, which also includes:

  • McAfee VirusScan Online

  • AOL Spyware Protection

  • Spam Control tools and SpIM protection
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