Apple iPhone 6 Bendgate: Top 10 Tweets

Apple says a bend in the iPhone 6 Plus is "extremely rare" but that didn't stop anyone from poking fun.

iPhone 6 Plus users are bent out of shape -- quite literally. Bendgate, as the scandal has been dubbed on social media, surfaced this week after photos and videos went viral showing how easily the device bends in users' back pockets.

Apple addressed concerns Thursday and said that only nine customers have complained about the device being too flimsy. In a statement, the company backed the construction of the iPhone 6 Plus, which it says is made with a lightweight aluminum shell and reinforced with stainless steel and titanium inserts.

"We also perform rigorous tests throughout the entire development cycle including 3-point bending, pressure point cycling, sit, torsion, and user studies," Apple said. "With normal use, a bend in an iPhone is extremely rare."

Nevertheless, the Internet was more than happy to poke fun at Bendgate, with a number of brands and users chiming in with some great reactions. Here are our favorites -- share yours in the comments section below.

1. Samsung

2. The iPhone 6 Plus repair kit


4. Dali meets the iPhone 6 Plus

5. iPhone 6 Flex

6. Lenovo UK & Ireland

7. Spatula 6 Plus

8. KitKat

9. iPhone 6 Plus origami

10. Heineken

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