Apple Watch, Sony Xperia Z3 And Other Hot Summer Gadgets

What better way to exit the long, cold winter than to launch into summer with snazzy new gadgets from some of the world's best technology companies? From the Apple Watch, to the waterproof Xperia, here are our picks.
Apple Watch Is The Must-Have Of Summer 2015
HP Spectre Studio Display: 4K Resolution, Thin Design
Sony Xperia Z3: Waterproof Design Perfect For The Pool
Weber Performer Deluxe Grill Adds LCD Tech
The Apple 12-Inch Macbook Boasts Retina Display
Bring The Beats With The Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker
DJI Phantom 3 Drone Includes 1080p HD Video Camera
Sony a5100: WiFi, Ultra-Fast Auto Focus
Microsoft Surface Pro 3: A Worthy Tablet
IO Hawk Marries Segway To Skateboard

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Whether you're getting ready to head to the beach, put in overtime at the gym to get your behind-schedule beach body ready before the summer heatwave hits, or simply celebrate the return of long sunny days and backyard barbecues, now's a good time to take a look at the latest, snazziest gadgets available.

It doesn't have to be all about self-indulgence, however: If you've got a recent high school or college graduate in the family, this could be the perfect time to gain "preferred uncle" status by making a gift of a brand new Macbook or waterproof smartphone.

In addition, Fathers Day is right around the corner, making this an idea time to start searching for the perfect way to say thanks to Dad, perhaps with a high-tech outdoor grill. Did you know they come with LCD displays these days? You could also consider the just-dorky-enough-to-be-cool IO Hawk, an electric skateboard-style device that uses Segway-style body motion controls to bring you up to speed.

If you want to go a little crazy, price-wise, you could also spring for a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Quadcopter drone, which features a 14-megapixel camera that is capable of shooting 1080p video. It has an app for Apple iOS or Google Android devices that lets users fully control the drone.

Although it costs about $1,000 -- batteries included, thank you -- the drone is packed with features including GPS navigation with auto takeoffs and auto landings, intelligent high power flight battery, and a built-in safety database of no fly zones, although at this point we would hope you know enough to keep it away from the White House lawn.

We've also included some perennial favorites like a compact digital camera (selfie-stick not included), an HD display to help you spruce up your aging desktop, and a Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker so you can blast your favorite summer bangers by pool or on the beach.

Take a look at this summer season's best high-tech gadgets that would be perfect as a gift or a treat to yourself, but don't blame us if you wind up buying all of them.

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