Approval For Apple Store In Boston Is Closer

Final approval has not been granted, but an architectural commission has told Apple representatives that it likes the design for a proposed Boston store.
Apple Computer edged closer to getting approval for its delayed store in Boston as a city commission praised the firm's store design, which blends modern and historical approaches.

But the Back Bay Architectural Commission withheld final approval while telling Apple representatives the design is getting closer to approval.

"We like the direction it's going in," said commission member John Christiansen, according to the Boston Globe. "It's technologically inspired and historically inspired."

While commission members seemed to agree that the new design will fit in better with the existing neighborhood, a new hurdle, in the form of a planned Mandarin Oriental Hotel across the street, emerged at the meeting. Commission members worried that the bright light of the Apple store might bother hotel residents.

Apple's retail stores have been a roaring success across the country and the firm wants to locate a major store in Boston to cater to the region's sizable college student population.

The design calls for a skylight and a green roof with a white Apple logo to be suspended in the store faade. A spiral staircase is planned for the center of the three-level store.

The firm already operates a network of small stores in suburban Boston communities.

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