BEA Upgrades AquaLogic Components

The product upgrades include AquaLogic Service Bus 2.5, Service Registry 2.1, and Enterprise Security 2.2.
BEA Systems Inc. on Monday unveiled upgrades of three components of its AquaLogic suite, which is used to internally link corporate systems and more easily connect them to computer systems used by suppliers and partners.

The product upgrades included AquaLogic Service Bus 2.5, Service Registry 2.1 and Enterprise Security 2.2. The AquaLogic suite provides a comprehensive environment for creating and managing service-oriented architectures using open, Web services standards and protocols.

The AquaLogic Service Bus is a messaging environment that handles data transmission and routing from one service to another. The bus works in conjunction with the suite's Data Services Platform, which exposes data as a service and lets users conduct federated queries to draw data from conventional databases or in XML formats. Improvements in the Service Bus included better connectivity to legacy systems.

AquaLogic Enterprise Security lets users add security features, such as authentication and certification schemes, to the services they've created by building plug-ins. The upgrade can now be integrated with Service Bus and BEA's WebLogic Platform 9.X, a Java-based software infrastructure platform. As a result, users can administer entitlements policy for applications and resources housed on the latest version of WebLogic, as well as proxy services in Service Bus, officials with San Jose, Calif.-based, BEA said.

Finally, the AquaLogice Service Registry, which is UDDI compliant, includes a more intuitive graphical user interface for faster access to search, better display of information and general usability enhances, BEA said.

BEA launched the AquaLogic product line about a year ago. Since then, the company has acquired Plumtree Software, a portal software maker whose products became the user interface for AquaLogic components. In March, BEA bought Fuego Inc., a business process management software maker whose technology will become the foundation for the AquaLogic Business Service Interaction product line.

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