Beefing Up E-Mail and Instant Messaging Security

Trend Micro plans to stop IM worms from propagating and increase attractiveness of collaboration technologies
Trend Micro Inc. is extending its E-mail security coverage to instant messaging, with IM Security for Microsoft Office Live Communication Server, new versions of its ScanMail E-mail security product for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino, and an upgrade to its Portal Protect for Microsoft's SharePoint collaboration platform.

Trend Micro's security product for Microsoft's Live Communication Server instant-messaging platform helps prevent worms such Bropia, Kelvir, and Fatso from using IM as a propagation vehicle, says Howard Price, senior global product manager at Trend Micro.

Extending messaging security to cover IM is a significant move for Trend Micro, says Kathy Johnson, director of sales for Johnson Consulting, a messaging consulting company. "People use instant messaging every day as a part of business," she says. "It needs to be as secure as E-mail."

Trend Micro's new products will be attractive to large companies considering adopting Microsoft's collaboration technologies. "Trend is in lockstep with Microsoft on their collaboration products," says Bill O'Brien, principal at Commercium Technology Inc., a company specializing in Internet security. "The ability to use one vendor instead of using point products will be attractive to large clients."

Still, customers aren't beating down the doors for collaboration security products, O'Brien says. "Collaboration is in the very early stages of adoption. As companies move to these newer Microsoft products, we will be talking to them about the security."

Trend Micro's updated ScanMail platforms add optional anti-spam and content-filtering technology for both Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino. IM and collaboration security products for IBM's Lotus product line are planned for the fourth quarter, Price says.

The instant-messaging security product is available now and priced at $14.98 per user for a 501-user license. A 501-user license for ScanMail is priced at $19.20 per user for Exchange and $21.20 per user for Domino. The updated Portal Protect is $17.92 per user.

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