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Better Monitoring For Hosted Applications

NaviSite Web products move beyond operating-system level
When businesses outsource their applications to hosting companies, one challenge is to ensure that the applications perform as promised. NaviSite Inc., a managed hosting company, last week rolled out four Web products designed to let its value-added resellers and systems integrators better monitor application performance for customers. The products include managed hosting for intranet and Internet applications as well as for specific business apps such as Oracle's E-business suite and PeopleSoft 8.

In the past, NaviSite offered monitoring and troubleshooting at the operating-system level only. With the addition of a new layer of middleware, the systems integrators and VARs that license the company's software can keep an eye on applications as well, providing a substantial increase in the amount of monitoring that can be offered to customers, says Steve Kirchoff, NaviSite's executive VP of sales and marketing.

Burton Snowboards recently renewed its contract with NaviSite after shopping around, says Dave Buckland, Internet project and development manager. The Burlington, Vt., snowboard maker stayed with NaviSite mainly because of price and familiarity, he says. Before it went to a managed hosting model nearly three years ago, Burton used separate consulting firms to host many of its nearly two dozen sites. The result? "It was all over the place," Buckland says. "There were no redundancy standards." NaviSite has provided consistent uptime and a quick response--and a credit for downtime--on those occasions when the site did go down, he says.

NaviSite, which is backed by Internet development company CMGI Inc., has a partnership deal with Hewlett-Packard. In March, NaviSite and HP signed an agreement to sell managed hosting services to large companies. NaviSite, which started out selling to user companies but now focuses on systems integrators and VARs, employs around 300 people.