BMC Adds Developer's Kit For Performance Manager Portal

The tools will let third-party developers and customers build products that work with BMC's systems management portal.
BMC Software Inc. on Monday announced the availability of a software developer's kit to help third-party developers and customers build products that create an industry ecosystem in support of its Performance Manager product line.

The kit can help fulfill customer demand for products supporting the BMC Performance Manager Portal, which was introduced in May, says Sean Duclaux, director of product management for BMC's enterprise system management products. "This will enable many developers and sales partners to start building products around our new architecture," he says. "It is intended to be very, very easy to implement, with no programming and very little scripting."

The Performance Manager Portal is intended to automate and simplify systems management and is the core product in BMC's business service management initiative that designed to help customer lower IT cost by managing operations and components in an enterprise based on business priorities, he says. The product uses a policy-based mechanism that automatically deploys the appropriate level of management technology based a user's defined goals.

The kit is a development tool based on industry standard protocols and a common development platform that will reduce third-party development time and costs, Duclaux says. It could lead to the creation of "out of the box" products from third-party suppliers that will easily integrate into BMC's platform. Earlier users of the kit include Seamless Technologies and Sentry Software.

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