BMC Promises Unified Business Process Integration

Control-M adds messaging, Java, and Web services support to combine real-time and batch processes.
This week BMC is expanding its Control-M batch management portfolio with the addition of new Business Process Integration Suite which will allow customers to combine real-time processes with batch processes handled by mainframes and distributed servers including ERP file transfers and transactions handled by custom-built applications. The solution adds support for message-oriented middleware, Java applications, and Web services to make it possible for organizations to gain a single point of control over processes and to simplify the management of those transactions.

CONTROL-M, which offers sophisticated scheduling capabilities, unifies batch processes running on multiple systems to simplify problem detection and resolution, as well as to improve overall efficiency. BMC added support for messaging, Java, and Web services to give organizations a thorough solution for including new business process management easily without having to do any coding. Enterprises can also now prioritize the importance of their batch processes to their business, and then manage those processes according to their priority level.

By communicating directly with J2EE-enabled application servers, CONTROL-M can start Web services and other kinds of Java entities in the same way it would any other batch job. The solution allows companies to manage business applications in association with business requirements to ensure service levels are satisfied.

The suite includes a forecasting and simulation engine for future job schedules that simulates all jobs and identifies future exceptions that could result in a missed SLA. BMC also includes Batch Impact Manager with the suite which comes up with the date and time for the completion of batch business services. The Batch Impact Manager also provides advanced notification of potential delays and prioritizes errors.

BMC’s expanded Batch Management Solution is available immediately.

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