Brief: BluePhoenix SOA Can Migrate Mainframe Software

BluePhoenix Solutions is using a services-oriented architecture to help customers migrate legacy mainframe applications to Web-centric environments.
BluePhoenix Solutions is utilizing Services-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to migrate legacy mainframe applications to configurations that allow them to be utilized in Web-centric environments.

The BluePhoenix SOA feature, a new product, assists in moving older data assets including mainframe applications and databases that were created as long ago as the 1970s. “This has been an important goal for us,” said Arik Kilman, the firm’s CEO, in a statement, “to build a complete range of automated transformation tools that can help our clients make the transition from historic legacy applications all the way to SOA and Web compatibility.”

In an announcement Tuesday, the firm said the migration move is accomplished by generating either Java or C# WSDL-based service interfaces that use UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery and Integration protocol). BluePhoenix said the solution supports applications that are migrating to new databases and languages.

The use of XML and Web services assists in pointing the way to an SOA that meets most current business requirements, the company said.

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