Business Objects' Software Helps Track Terror Threats

State Department uses WebIntelligence as part of its efforts to keep track of terrorists.
The State Department is using Business Objects SA's WebIntelligence query and reporting software as part of its system for tracking potential terrorist threats, the software company disclosed this week. WebIntelligence is part of the State Department's Tipoff database that was initially developed for use within the department but has been made available to other agencies since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Tipoff includes a common database where agencies can share data about suspected terrorists and their activities. For example, Tipoff is used to compare information from U.S. visa applications against counterterrorism data in the database to prevent suspected terrorists from entering the country. Tipoff was developed for the State Department by the Analysis Corp. The State Department isn't commenting further about the system.

Business Objects says its software is already used by a number of U.S. agencies, including the Defense Department's Logistics Agency and the Air Force for tracking personnel, equipment, and supplies, the Army for delivering information to officers via mobile devices, and the Navy for analyzing the cost-effectiveness of various aircraft and prioritizing purchasing decisions.

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