Business Technology: Send Us Your Ideas, Please--In Real Time

While we've got a lot of our Fall Conference program in place, we've left some spots open for your specific suggestions, so please consider this a call for ideas
Here at InformationWeek, we've devoted a great deal of thinking, research, reporting, and coverage to the idea of having customers intimately involved in your development and enhancement of products and services. And we try to practice that same art form ourselves: Engaging as many of the 1 million of you who use InformationWeek every week to tell us what you want and need from us, when we're wandering into unproductive areas, what compelling new topics or ideas we should be pursuing, and in general how to be more timely, relevant, and valuable to you.

In that spirit, we'd like to request your input for the two major conferences we run each year: the InformationWeek Fall Conference, which will be held Sept. 21 to 24 in Tucson, Ariz. (, and the InformationWeek Spring Conference, to be held next year in Florida. While we've got a lot of our Fall Conference program in place, we've left some spots open for your specific suggestions, so please consider this a call for ideas. And in return, we're offering more than just a conference program autographed by InformationWeek Events editor-in-chief Brian Gillooly (and, FYI, he won't give me one, which might be an indicator of market demand). So let me describe the prizes to get the creative neurons firing, and then I'll ask about some specific areas for which we'd love your help. We'll go through the entries and select the three that we feel would be of greatest interest and value to the several hundred attendees:

  • First prize: Free registration to the conference (value of $1,895), plus a $300 gift certificate at the Westin LaPaloma, where we hold the event.
  • Second Prize: Free registration plus a $150 gift certificate.
  • Third Prize: Free registration to the conference.

And while we know it's better to give than to receive, here's what we're looking for on our end for the fall event, whose theme is, "Real-Time Business: Optimizing Business Processes Across Your Extended Enterprise." Please give us your best answers to one or all of these questions (you don't need to answer all, but you're welcome to):

  • What topic would you recommend for a panel discussion, and what companies would you like to see represented on that panel?
  • How has your company improved its business processes to help become a real-time business?
  • Which industry has been most innovative in moving toward real-time business, and how have its processes evolved?
  • How has your company optimized its business processes across your extended enterprise--to customers, partners, and suppliers?

Investors are assured of receiving at least $1 billion in any settlement with Wall Street firms in a large class-action case that alleges abuses made in the IPO market during the stock-market bubble ... The [more than 300 IPO] issuers include high-profile technology companies like Agile Software Corp. and Razorfish Inc.

--Wall Street Journal, June 27

We'll try to work as many of your ideas into our fall program as possible. In other cases, we'll integrate the best of these ideas into our Spring Conference. We'll read through the entries and reply to each before selecting the three winners, and we'll contact the winners quickly so they can make plans to join us and several hundred peers in Tucson.

We think you'll find this conference valuable as it will pull together discussions from leading companies on how they are wringing greater value out of their business-technology investments by not just tinkering with but striving to optimize their business processes. And those efforts are taking place not just inside companies but outside as well, extending all the way from suppliers' suppliers on out to customers' customers.

So that we get to each of your entries in a timely fashion, please send them to this special mailbox--[email protected], or click on this Web form at July 10. Thanks very much in advance for your ideas, and have a wonderful Fourth of July!

Bob Evans
Editor in Chief
[email protected]

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