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CA Launches Desktop DNA Migration Tool

Computer Associates shipped the first version of its Unicenter Desktop DNA PC management and migration tool.
Computer Associates Tuesday shipped the first version of its Unicenter Desktop DNA PC management and migration tool since it acquired Miramar Systems nearly a year ago.

Desktop DNA r11 speeds up migrations to new machines or upgrades of old by automatically grabbing machine-specific application settings, system settings, user profiles and accounts, and locally-saved data. DNA then saves this desktop reproduction to a server, from which those settings and data can later be sent to the new or upgraded workstation.

Among its new features, Desktop DNA now lets administrators schedule one-time or recurring incremental snapshots of a specific machine's settings and data, guaranteeing that the information on the server is always up to date and ready to deploy in an upgrade or migration to a new PC. It also includes enhanced tools for remotely troubleshooting and restoring a user's information.

"Before implementing Desktop DNA, we had to disrupt our end users whenever we had to perform a desktop upgrade," said Joe Loobeek, the lead information services analyst at United Defense Industries, a company which designs and builds vehicles and artillery pieces for the U.S. Department of Defense. "With Desktop DNA r11, we can manage and migrate all unique end-user information, while executing upgrades faster and more cost effectively, minimizing disruptions to our business."

Unicenter Desktop DNA r11's price starts at $22 per node (for 100 nodes).

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