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CA Upgrades Cyber-Threat Software

Integrated Threat Management r8 unifies new versions of PestPatrol AntiSpyware, Corporate Edition, and CA Antivirus.
CA announced a threat management solution Monday for comprehensive, scalable protection against malicious code.

Integrated Threat Management r8 unifies new versions of CA PestPatrol AntiSpyware, Corporate Edition and CA Antivirus. The solution detects threats anywhere on the network, whether they are from spyware, malware, rootkits and more. It alerts technicians right away.

It provides a Top 10 virus and spyware list to cope with changing threats and allows administrators to update protection with new versions and patches. Integrated Threat Management r8 includes a new "phone home" feature allowing PCs to broadcast their status to a centralized Web-based console and determine whether updates are needed. It also includes automated, bandwidth-saving signatures, improved communications, real-time visibility and expanded spyware detection and removal.

The solution supports Network Admission Control and can be deployed via Unicenter Software Delivery, Microsoft SMS and other solutions. It is available in several languages through CA-authorized partners, beginning at $60. It also comes with 24-hour support.