Caddyshack Meets Radio Shack

Green Brook Country Club in New Jersey is being outfitted with systems many small businesses would love to own.
A 72-year-old New Jersey country club is turning to IT in an effort to attract clients closer to Tiger Woods' age while keeping their Arnold Palmer-generation members happy.

Green Brook Country Club is installing Internet access, a sophisticated audio-visual system, voice-over-IP capabilities, and, for those who like to double up on frustration, places to plug in their laptops to work.

Club owners want to draw weddings, PGA events, and conventions--"a place to play golf as well as plug in your laptop," says a spokesman for Business Technology Partners Inc., the IT-services firm hired for the project.

Solar-powered, wireless call boxes will be installed around the links, too, for emergencies (medical, financial, etc.). Business Technology Partners is also overseeing the deployment of point-of-sale and automated accounting systems. The whole project is expected to be completed by next spring.

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