Can You Hear VoIP Now?

Has the time finally arrived for widespread adoption of voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP)? Or will concerns about cost and performance keep this transformational technology on the back burner?
InformationWeek Research examines a range of VoIP investment and adoption issues in its report, Can You Hear VoIP Now? The study of 300 business-technology executives explores rollout strategies among VoIP users, pilot testers, and planned adopters. The 8-page research brief also illuminates why some companies are holding off on VoIP despite its potential cost-savings, process efficiencies, and improved productivity.

Key report areas include:

  • User, pilot tester, and planned adopter tactics
  • Third-party involvement
  • VoIP and telecom evaluations
  • Payoff expectations
  • Investment by size of company
  • Which vendors have share of mind
  • This study allows for peer-based analysis of investment approaches, enabling your company to evaluate, compare, plan, or reject VoIP adoption.

    Pages: 8

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